Friday, April 29, 2011

Starting ABC today

Since I have Ana Buddies now and have my thinspo's set I think I'm ready for ABC. Today's objective: 500 Cal. so far had it all at lunch. No other food today. Gotta go pick up glucose tabs for those pesky lows. Also gotta get more baking soda. Also i figured when i get home. i'll do some crunches, jumping jacks, and sprints in my room. rest for a bit, the go to the library. spend about an hour there. Come home, do homework, read, watch Monty Python, and sleep. I have a few new Ana buddies and they're helping me out. SO far the nurse is a little suspicious of Ana and mom and Ashley maybe. Today i burned 207 calories so far. i figure about 200 more walking to the library. crunches, jumping jacks, and sprints are about another 200. I want to burn more calories than i ate so far today. if mom makes me eat I'll Mia again. It was so easy yesterday to Mia! I felt so proud. and i don't think i'll ever touch Special K again. It was so nasty coming up! Grapes too. I'll eat celery later if anything. Glucose tabs have no calories so i can basically live on those and water. Today has been good so far and I don't have any suspicion today. I went on a walk yesterday and that burned about 100 cals.

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