Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Here are some tips from my Rexy Bible

Well I should first say you should start a Rexy Bible (a 'bible') so you can put tips, goals, tracking progress, and pictures of your 'Thinspiration' (mine are in the side bar) Here are some tips from my Rexy Bible

1. Drink a lot of water (this keeps you full on less)
2. Chew sugar free gum so you can feel like you're eating when your not (fruit and the desert ones work best)
3. Drink Tea and Coffee but NOTHING in it (makes your body feel full and caffeine curbs your appetite)
4. Cut your food in small pieces, so it looks like more so you will stop after only half of it
5. take a bite of food (if you NEED to eat) then put your fork down and take a sip of water
6. If you have a really bad craving for something chew it but then spit it out and rise thoroughly with water (DO NOT swallow any of it!)
7. Pick safe (under 100 calories) and negative calorie foods
8. Do not eat something unless you know the EXACT number of calories
9. Keep a diary (Rexy Bible) to track your progress. I have divided mine into 5 parts. Tips, Foods to eat if necessary, thinspiration, goals, and my progress/ food+exercise diary
10. Exercise 15 minuets before eating
11. Buy jeans 1 size too small to be a goal to fit into
12. Diet pills are good (but use them appropriately)
13. No soda! Unless diet
14. Eat on a dark colored plate (Black, Blue, Navy) this will make you feel full fast
15. make a list of foods NOT to eat
16. Pick 1 safe food a day to eat
17. Find the fat you want to get rid of and pinch it
18. Wear a rubber band/ hair tie on your wrist (red- Ana purple- Mia) and snap it when you think of food.
19. Eat with the hand you DON'T write with. It will feel awkward and you'll stop eating
20. Put vinegar or a lot of salt on your food so when you eat it, it will be less pleasing and you'll throw it away
21. When you can eat in front of a mirror so you'll feel bad and stop eating
22. Try to stay away from dinner
23. If you can, throw away all the bad food in your house
24. Try to take vitamins so you don't lose the vitamins in the food you gave up
25. No more than 1,000 calories a day (the less the better)
26. After eating do 20 jumping jacks or crunches or push ups
27. Peppermint makes you feel full so chew peppermint gum or suck on the hard candies
28. suck on hard, sugar free, low fat candies if you have a craving
29. Don't slouch it will burn more fat if you sit up straight
30. Dress in layers. This will make you sweat and get rid of some fat
31. Sleep more. If you sleep you won't be tempted to eat
32. Do 50 sit ups each morning before school/work
33. Confuse your body temperature. If you are in a room that is usually cold, take off your jacket to stay cold, if you're in a room that's normally hot put a jacket on. This will make your body confused and use more energy.
34. When you want food put 3 drops of vinegar on your tongue
35. Stand when ever possible
36. Always keep your hands and feet moving. Every calorie counts
37. No liquid calories
38. If you have a bad craving count to 100 and think of what will happen if you eat
39. DO NOT eat past 7 PM or 4 hours before going to sleep
40. Anti-Heart Burn Medication helps curb your appetite
42. If you're a smoker go on and have on because smoking lowers your appetite
43. Ween yourself off food. Slowly you'll go from 3 meals and a few snacks a day to a snack a day

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