Friday, April 8, 2011


I'm so proud! I had NO CALORIES OR FAT AT LUNCH!!! I ran for 12 minuets during gym. Although my blood sugar went low after not eating a carby lunch and i had to eat crackers (23 carbs, 190 calories and 6 fat) I have to observe for my EMT hours so i can walk there, and 3.5 hours without food. only diet snapple to drink today :) I have to go to my grandma's later to see my little half sister (family issues and i haven't seen her in a while) and i'm going to have dinner and since i'm puerto rican EVERYTHING is deep fried!!! Hopefully i can doge the bullet on this one. Today has been a good rexy day so far. I hope i can improve even more, i need to find some kind of calorie, fat free juice to keep my blood sugar up. I'm happy today :) Yay! Great rexy day!

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