Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer Is A Devil Bitch!

Well as we all know yesterday was memorial day, which marks the unofficial first day of summer. And what happens during summer? BBQs, swimming, and of course all the gross food that goes along with it!
Yesterday my best friend had a BBQ at her house and i of course went. And guess what SO MUCH FOOD!!!!! And i was stupid and gave in...
It just started with a pickle... Then i had to go and have a seizure and then my mom shoved food down my throat, and that was the end of me!
I ate. and i ate A LOT!!!!
That is why today May 31, 2011 marks the first official day of my juice/water fast! All i will ingest is water and juice. Either apple or berry. No acidic juices because that will fuck me up BIG time.
On the other hand I'm going to start another book. I plan to call it loosing control. I still need to finish my 'She Loves You' Beatles story. I JUST finished my Beatles Fairy Tale one and i need to put it up on Quibblo soon. I might go to the library after school (great excuse to walk :D) and post it then. I need to stay away from home as much as possible because i don't really have a trigger TIME, i have a trigger PLACE.
And it just happens to be home. Its because i can eat like a pig and it would be in the privacy of my own home. At least at school and other places i can feel guilty

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