Monday, May 23, 2011


I'm such a pig! I ate like crazy yesterday! I had a PB+J sandwich, toast and a bunch of food from PF Chang's! I went up to 113!!! I had nothing but gum today and i plan on nothing else today. I hope my mom doesn't make me eat. I have a head ache and my stomach hurts so that's an excuse. This shit is ridiculous!!!

Well there's someone at my school who likes me :) I need to be thin if he's going to keep on liking me. By the end of the week i want to drop down to at least 108. I also have a new plan. I want will fast during the week and eat a max of 500 cals during the weekend. I need to find more distractions to keep me from eating like a cow.

My brother said i looked like a cow the other day and that day i purged like crazy, stopped eating and took a lax. God damn me! I hate this, i have stopped eating lunch, no breakfast, and small dinner. all i drink is tea, water, and low cal juice.

So far i have been working on picture blogs for each Beatle and i need to know more about them. that will keep me busy for a while.

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