Saturday, June 4, 2011

Help me please!

OK so I'm going to camp in August. There they make us EAT! I need to figure out how to not eat and not be noticed. I'm so mad!!!!! Why do i have to eat???????? They're gonna make me SOOOOO FAT!!!!! I need some help on how to figure out how to not be noticed. We have 3 meals a day and 2 snacks! Its sucks! and dinner is at 7 and theres a snack at 9 at night! its so much! and breakfast is at 7:30. What do I do???? HELP ME!!!!!!!!!


  1. if you eat everything you're supposed to then you'll be both more healthy and more attractive (because anorexic bodies are unattractive to any normal person). id never want to sleep with an anorexic woman- its a total turn off, and thats how men in general feel. a healthy weight with a normal amount of flesh and some curves is sexy, healthy and looks best in clothes. if you can't see that then you already have a problem.
    don't kid yourself that you can control anorexia or do it responsibly. thats the same thing that drug addicts say but its bullshit. if you continue with it it'll slowly destroy you and hurt those you love most. ask yourself why you want to do this and get help to overcome it and lead a healthy, happy life.

  2. I don't need a lecture man! I don't need that kinda help, this is for girls who are pro-ana. I hate Bullshit comments. piss off

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  4. Tell them you're vegan or that you have a shit ton of allergies or somethin :)
    works for me. if that doesn't work just say you're not hungry or feeling sick, or you could take a small portion and drop pieces of it in a serviette on your lap when no one's looking. also, you could say you're feeling shitty and just stay in the cabin.

    hope i helped :)
    meet your latest follower.

  5. thank you for the 1st useful comment mel!