Wednesday, June 1, 2011

They basically found out...

So today i had my therapist. She noticed that I've lost weight... that's when it started.
She kept saying that i need to gain weight and i need to eat more. i was so annoyed she told me that i was to eat right now, in front of her. I said there's nothing in the house to eat. She was saying 'you have no crackers, yogurt, nothing to eat?' and i said 'yes' then my mom came home. She talked to her and she said 'no there is stuff in the house' and i got busted. They made me have cherries. the put some in a bowl but i only had about 4 or 5. Then i had some water and juice. I was pissed off that they were telling me to eat. I tried saying i was a picky eater, and then that i feel full all the time. They didn't believe that. then i said that the meds i take (for seizures, depression, and head aches) was making me loose my appetite. They want me to change my to make me hungry. I don't care! I would just say i take the meds to make them shut up. meds were an excuse for now... i just hate eating, They basically said i was anorexic and i need help and i need to eat. then my mom asked me to think about what i want to eat and she hasn't asked me since. I lied to them and said i had that i had an uncrustable for lunch, when i had nothing. (I was quite proud of my self (:) It was great! I'm basically going to be force fed, and i HATE that. looks like Mia is going to be my best friend for a while

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